Popcorn Flavors

Hill City Popcorn Co. | Original Popcorn

PlainPop “Original”

Classic popcorn popped in coconut oil and dusted with salt, giving it a light buttery flavor.


Made with real cheddar cheese.
Shop Hill City Popcorn Co. | Cheesy Ranch

Cheesy Ranch

A perfect mix of real cheddar cheese and ranch seasoning.
Hill City Popcorn Co. | Original Popcorn

Dill Pickle

Real white cheddar and dill pickle seasoning.

Shop Hill City Popcorn Co. | Extra Cheese Popcorn

Extra Cheese

Twice the real cheddar cheese as our classic cheese popcorn.

Hill City Popcorn Co. | Jalapeno Cheddar

Jalapeño Cheddar

Real cheddar cheese, jalapeño, and just a tiny amount of Habanero.

Jalapeno Ranch | Hill City Popcorn Co.

Jalapeño Ranch

Our ranch popcorn, with a little added jalapeño spiciness.

Hill City Popcorn Co. | Loaded Potato

Loaded Potato

Cheddar cheese, a mix of special seasonings, and real bacon.

Hill City Popcorn Co. | Movie Theater

Movie Theater

An extra buttery version of our Original popcorn.

Parmesean Garlic Popcorn | Hill City Popcorn Co. |

Parmesan Garlic

Real white cheddar, garlic, and delicious parmesan cheese.

Hill City Popcorn Co. | Ranch


Real white cheddar cheese and ranch seasoning.

Hill City Popcorn Co. | Salt Vinegar

Salt & Vinegar

Real cheddar cheese, salt, and a double dose of vinegar seasoning.

Hill City Popcorn Co. | Southwest Jalapeno

Southwest Jalapeño

Real cheddar cheese and southwest jalapeño seasoning. Our spiciest flavor!

Hill City Popcorn Co. | Spicy Buffalo

Spicy Buffalo

Real cheddar cheese and spicy buffalo wing seasoning. Mix with our ranch popcorn for a delicious combo.

Hill City Popcorn Co. | Sriracha


Real cheddar cheese and sriracha seasoning.

Hill City Popcorn Co. | White Cheddar Flavor

White Cheddar

Real white cheddar cheese makes this flavor an instant classic.

* We cannot garauntee your batch of popcorn is free from cross-contamination. Contact us for more information or specialty orders.

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