About Us

Family owned company built on Quality & Kindness

Hill City Popcorn Co. was founded by the Shelton Family in 2015, but their journey started in 2013 at a Christmas gathering when a family member brought a tin of gourmet popcorn to share.

At that time, nobody in the family knew the difference between your standard holiday tin of cheese/caramel/butter and true gourmet popcorn. They had no idea that difference would lead them to open their own store in Fayetteville less than two years later.

In 5 short years Hill City Popcorn Co. has become a favorite to the locals of Northwest Arkansas. In addition, the business now boasts regular customers from California to Florida (and everywhere in between). Their success can be linked to their 2 core values:

  • Unmatched Quality – Hill City uses only top quality ingredients and cooks their popcorn in small batches. This ensures that every kernel of their 40+ flavors meets the highest standards of taste and freshness.
  • Served with Kindness – It’s free and available to everyone, yet seems to be one of the rarest of attributes … kindness. The goal of the team at Hill City is that every customer be treated with a contagious brand of kindness that motivates you to share the love (and the popcorn) with others.

Quality & Kindness. When you smell it, taste it and experience it, you can’t help but tell others. The customers of Hill City Popcorn Co. are their best advertisement.