The Story

I was born in Mt. View, Arkansas and lived with my grandparents when I was quite young. Even after moving away to the city, I looked for any chance to get back to that sleepy little town (at least it was sleepy before all the tourists discovered it!) and spend time with my grandparents.

It was a slower pace and simpler time back then. One of the special treats I enjoyed most was when Hattie (my grandmother) would get out an old black skillet and make popcorn. While no one would have ever thought to attach the word “gourmet” to it,  that’s what it was to me. Ever since then I have loved popcorn in just about any way I could get it.

Fast forward to Christmas 2013. That year my family tasted some “truly gourmet” popcorn. The first time that Cheesy/Ranch and Extra Buttery Caramel passed over my taste buds everything changed. To say that it was earthshaking would probably be an overstatement…but not much!

Not long afterwards our family decided to take a big step and start a gourmet popcorn business right here in Fayetteville, Arkansas. After months of hard work and lots of prayer, Hill City Popcorn Co. opened its doors on June 25, 2015. In honor of my grandparents---especially my grandmother and her old black skillet---we have named one of our feature flavor blends, “Hattie’s.” Try it, you’re bound to love it! ---Kirk Shelton


The Family

Hill City Popcorn is owned and operated by the Shelton family. Kirk & Toni, both from Arkansas, met and married in college in 1972. They have served in ministry throughout the U.S. They have 3 adult children: Kate, Chris, and Kim. Chris and his wife Rachel live in Dallas, Texas. The grandchildren and official popcorn-tasters are Kylee, Campbell and Call.

Kate and Kim serve as the “face” of the company and can always be found around the store and in the community. Their hard work and dedication resulted in Hill City Popcorn getting off the ground, the doors open, and running successfully.


The Popcorn

What makes our popcorn “gourmet”? First, we begin with the best non-GMO (genetically modified) popcorn available. In fact, not only is our popcorn non-GMO, popcorn itself is a great source of fiber and antioxidants. All Hill City popcorn is of the giant mushroom variety which gives it its large and uniform size. Next, most of our popcorn is popped in pure coconut oil and flavored with the best of ingredients. Finally, cooked from scratch in small batches assures you that what you are getting is much fresher than packaged popcorn and also free from artificial preservatives.